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Ada Kuyer

Wellness, soul & culture Retreats


In 1998 I moved to Amsterdam, where I fell in love with Kundalini Yoga and received training to become a Kundalini Master and trainer at the Ashram of the Kundalini Yoga in Amsterdam.  At the same time I was busy with another practice and passion of mine – the tourist industry – by opening and managing a successful travel agency in Amsterdam, offering affordable travel opportunities to students and individuals of all ages.  In 2004, I completed my master training at the Center of Yogi Bajan in New Mexico, US, for Conscious Pregnancy Yoga and in the Centrum in France, studying communications and relations.  These training opportunities led me to the opening of my yoga center in Amsterdam, where I conduct yoga workshops for groups and individuals with an emphasis on healing with pregnant women and couples and preparation for birth.

In addition to teaching yoga and running a travel agency, the love of my life has been my children and grand children who I cherish the time we spend together.  Being in the travel business enables me to see them and my elderly parents and family in Israel very often, something that I am very thankful for.  In recent years I have had several visits to India and Nepal where I stayed in ashrams and became very attached to the spiritual being in certain areas of these countries.

In my yoga center I focus on teaching each one who comes to my classes, both men and women, how to be connected to the god in them and to be in their true-self.  I coach for better communication and relations; to learn how to control fears in us and understand the source of it and love the pain of life as well as the joy of accepting and celebrating life.

In addition, I now provide business coaching to small businesses, focusing on women owned businesses.  The positive feedback from these clients encouraged me to further expand this service that now reaches clients in a variety of locals, both in Europe and Asia.  



Parents Group Mentor

Tel Aviv Academy for Education

Seminar HaKibutzim, Israel


2003- 2005

Certificate of Specialty training

3HO WOMEN Training: Conscious Pregnancy

based on the teaching of Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Research Institute (K.R.I.), New Mexico


International Level 1 Instructor Cetification

in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

as taugt by Yogi Bhajan

3HO Organisatie Nederland Stichting

Kundalini Research Institute (K.R.I.), Amsterdam



Relationship Conscious communication, Level 2

Karta Singh

Kundalini Research Institute (K.R.I.), France


Yoga for Children and creative movement

Naty Steiner Yoga Education, Israel


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